Jim has been married to wife and best friend Mary for 39 years. They got married when he was 20 and Mary was 19. With only a grade 9 education Jim forged his way various laboring and sales positions and was even The Assistant Head Game Warden at national game reserve and wildlife park.

In his early twenties he and Mary had a son and a daughter and that changed his focus. He began to study psychology and grow his skills as a communicator. Jim served as a Pastor/Leader for 23 years and has been a mentor for 30 plus years.

He began a renovation/construction company 26 years ago which he grew from painting and repairs to building homes, restoring properties and even building 6 veterinarian clinics.

Twelve years ago he almost lost everything. His health, his business and wellbeing where in jeopardy after decades of overworking and not paying attention to his overall health. After a 2 year struggle to regain life balance Jim is more passionate than ever to share his journey and message.

His passion is in all areas of relationships. From marriage to business, from personal relationships to loving and caring for yourself. Jim teaches the importance of clearly defining what your values, purpose and success really are. And shares on the importance of maintaining balance in 4 key areas - Career/Business World, Physical World, Relationship World and Your Spiritual world.

He has spent the last 12 years researching and studying to gain a deeper understanding into relationships of all kinds. During this time he has written 2 books and has co-authored in 3 others. He has received multiple awards and international recognition for his work.

 Jim has been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox and other networks as well as a host of interview and talk shows.

Today he speaks to audiences of any size, both virtual and in person and inspires them that they can have the relationships, the marriages and the success in business they desire with 3 simple steps.

Jim will challenge your sales teams in their approach to potential clients. He will encourage couples to prepare for the best life after they say I Do and to not trust it will just happen. And he will challenge you to become the best version of yourself and communicate the importance of never stopping your pursuit of enjoying the best relationships ever.



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